Day 17

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What does trust mean to you in the context of submission?

Trust is everything.  Without trusting Daddy, I cannot grow, play, love, or be.

I had a little experience with trust today.  Daddy and I went to go do outdoor adventure with Daddy’s friends. In the process, there was a rope that needed to be tied.  Daddy tied it.  I tied an extra loop to feel better.  Daddy asked me if I didn’t trust his rope tieing skills.  Then, and only then, did I realize I wasn’t trusting Daddy.  (Insert sad face here.)

I was so disappointed in myself.  I thought I trusted Daddy, but did I really?

Trust is something that constantly has to be worked on and has to grow.  I find trust must be challenged to deepen.  Maybe that’s not true for everyone, but it is for me.

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